Mary Ward International

Mary Ward International

The office of Mary Ward International opened in 2002 to offer support to the sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Branch) in their international outreach. The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary has over 900 sisters working worldwide. The office is under the General administration of the sisters.

IBVM sisters work in all continents and commit their resources to promoting the dignity and liberation of all, particularly of women and children. They are involved in both formal and non-formal education, in clinics, pastoral work and spiritual ministries, village projects and refugee work.

Participants at the International Education meeting at Kolkata

International Family

IBVM has an international network of family, friends and colleagues throughout the world.

MWI will continue to build and develop this network by:
promoting awareness and interest among our students
forging and maintaining relationships with former students and other friends
forming links with partners such as international agencies, IBVM institutions and communities.
MWI encourages the development of interest through:
the publication of a magazine
the provision of information and teaching aids to our schools
personal contact with our donors


MWI supports IBVM sisters and missions throughout the world and provides assistance with ministry and project needs.
MWI assists in obtaining co-financing for ministries and projects from major agencies.
MWI promotes mission-awareness in our schools and facilitates fundraising projects.


MWI is researching setting up a network of lay volunteers who desire to work with us
In Kolkata we have a group of ladies who are part of the Loreto Lay Association